Yotube上订阅超千万:最新官网同步Super Simple Songs歌曲 高清无水印

《super simple songs》在英语启蒙中的地位不用我再过多地介绍了,想必为孩子们进行英语启蒙的家长们对它都非常熟悉,之前小雨将super simple songs 系列作为赞助回报,今天把其中的歌曲的资源免费分享给大家,希望为大家在小孩的英语启蒙路上提供一点点帮助。本次更新的歌曲共204首,为官网同步更新版本,目前已更新至2020年2月16日,详见官网,视频由小雨整理,高清英文字幕无水印

Super Simple Songs动作儿歌是全球最流行的英语启蒙教材。

Yotube上订阅超千万:最新官网同步Super Simple Songs歌曲 高清无水印[2020年2月16日更新]

Super Simple系列包括什么
现在Super Simple 已经形成了一套体系,出品了包括Super Simple Songs在内的诸多系列,而且形式也更加多样化,有儿歌,有动画,有教学,有画画,也有自然拼读等。目前出品比较有名的系列有:

1、Super Simple Songs
2、Super Simple ABCs
3、Super Simple TV
4、Milo’s World
5、Super Simple Draw




1Five Little Monkeys
2Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
3Hickory Dickory⋯Crash!
4Row Row Row Your Boat
7The Months Chant
8Ten In The Bed
9Little Snowflake
10Good Morning, Mr. Rooster
11Open Shut Them
12Jingle Bells (Learn & Sing)
13Head Shoulders Knees & Toes (Sing It)
14Head Shoulders Knees & Toes (Learn It)
15Sweet Dreams
16Old MacDonald
17Walking In The Jungle
18The Animals On The Farm
19Do You Like Broccoli Ice Cream?
20Count & Move
21If You’re Happy
22How’s The Weather?
23One Little Finger
24Counting Bananas
25One Potato, Two Potatoes
26I See Something Blue
27I See Something Pink
28Let’s Go To The Zoo
29The Wheels On The Bus
30Mary Had A Kangaroo
31I Have A Pet
32Go Away!
33Can You Make A Happy Face?
34Five Creepy Spiders
35Knock Knock, Trick Or Treat?
36This Is The Way We Carve A Pumpkin
37Who Took The Candy?
38One For You, One For Me
39Go Away, Spooky Goblin!
40Put On Your Shoes
41Hello, Reindeer
42We Wish You A Merry Christmas
43Decorate The Christmas Tree
44What Do You Want For Christmas?
45Santa’s On His Way
46Count Down & Move
47I’m A Little Snowman
49My Teddy Bear
50Yes, I Can!
51Wag Your Tail
52What Do You Hear?
54The Itsy Bitsy Spider
55Rain Rain Go Away
56Rock Scissors Paper #1
57The Shape Song #1
58Do You Like Spaghetti Yogurt?
59After A While, Crocodile
60The Shape Song #2
61Rock Scissors Paper #2
62Head Shoulders Knees & Toes (Speeding Up)
63Eeny Meeny Miny Moe
64The Bath Song
65Who Took the Cookie?
66Hello Hello!
67Say Cheese!
68The Pinocchio
69We All Fall Down
70Make A Circle
71Give Me Something Good To Eat
72Hello, My Friends
73Five Little Pumpkins
74Knock Knock, Trick Or Treat? (Part 2)
75Goodbye, My Friends
76Clean Up!
78Bye Bye Goodbye
7910 Little Elves
80Jingle Jingle Little Bell
81Santa, Where Are You?
82Goodbye, Snowman
83See You Later, Alligator
84Mystery Box #1
85Do You Like Pickle Pudding?
86Mystery Box #2
87Seven Steps
88Walking Walking
89Do You Like Lasagna Milkshakes?
90Days Of The Week
91Mystery Box #3
92This Is The Way
93Hide And Seek
94The Alphabet Chant
95Five Little Ducks
96The Skeleton Dance
97How Many Fingers?
98Five Little Speckled Frogs
99The Ice Cream Song
100Baby Shark
101Mr. Golden Sun
102Apples & Bananas
10310 Little Dinosaurs
104Little Robin Redbreast
106Alice The Camel
107Brush Your Teeth
108The Muffin Man
109The Ants Go Marching
11010 Little Airplanes
111Rock Scissors Paper #3
112I Like You
113Down By The Bay
114A Sailor Went To Sea
115Jack & Jill
11610 Little Sailboats
117Humpty Dumpty
118The Alphabet Song
119What Do You Like To Do?
120The Alphabet Is So Much Fun
121Peanut Butter & Jelly
122I Can’t Remember The Words To This Song
123Five Little Monsters Jumping On The Bed
124Baby Shark Halloween
125Take Me Out To The Ball Game
126Rock Scissors Paper #4
128Wind The Bobbin Up
12910 Little Tractors
130Up On The Housetop
13112 Days of Christmas
13210 Little Fishies
133Down By The Bay #2
134Follow Me
135The Farmer In The Dell
13610 Little Buses
137This Is The Way We Get Dressed
138Are You Hungry?
139Let’s Take The Subway
14010 Little Bicycles
141Hot Cross Buns
142Old MacDonald Had A Farm (2018)
143Down By The Bay #3
144There’s A Hole In The Bottom Of The Sea
145Open Shut Them #2
146Here We Go Looby Loo
147Who Took The Cookie? (Farm Animals Version)
148What’s Your Favorite Color?
149This Is The Way We Go To Bed
15010 Little Dinosaurs #2
151Red Light, Green Light
152ed Yellow Green Blue
153Here Is The Beehive
154When The Band Comes Marching In
155Peekaboo Playground
156Down By The Spooky Bay
157Over The Deep Blue Sea
158The Bees Go Buzzing
159Peekaboo Halloween
160The Ants Go Marching #2
161Do You Like Broccoli Ice Cream? (Puppets)
162Pass The Beanbag
163Where Is Thumbkin?
164Peekaboo Christmas
165Santa Shark
166What’s This? What’s That?
167If You’re Happy And You Know It
168Open Shut Them
169If You’re Happy And You Know It
171The Wheels On The Bus
172Six In The Bed
173Head Shoulders Knees And Toes
174With My Heart
175Driving In My Car
176The Jellyfish
177Peekaboo, I Love You
178The More We Get Together
179Where Is Baby?
180Sitting On The Potty
181Open Shut Them #3 | featuring Baby Shark
182What’s Your Favorite Flavor Of Ice Cream?
183Walking In The Forest
184The Bear Went Over The Mountain
185Here Comes The Fire Truck

186.Open Shut Them #4

187.Here Comes The Fire Truck

188.Hello! featuring The Super Simple Puppets

189.Line Up! featuring Noodle & Pals Super Simple Songs

190.I Love The Mountains Super Simple Songs

191.Hello Hello! featuring The Super Simple Puppets

192.10 Monsters In The Bed Kids Halloween Song Super Simple Songs

193.Knock Knock, Trick Or Treat featuring The Super Simple Puppets Super Simple Songs

194.This Is The Way We Trick Or Treat featuring The Super Simple Puppets

195.Pop The Bubbles Kids Songs Super Simple Songs

196.Halloween ABC Song Super Simple Songs

197.My Happy Song featuring Noodle & Pals Super Simple Songs

198.Are You Sleeping – Kids Songs – Super Simple Songs

199.Head Shoulders Knees And Toes Kids Songs Super Simple Songs

200.At The North Pole Super Simple Songs Christmas Song For Kids

201.Jingle Bells Christmas Song For Kids Super Simple Songs

202.Silent Night Christmas Song For Kids Super Simple Songs


203.What’s Your Name (Super Simple Puppets version) Super Simple Songs

204.The Wheels On The Bus (Carl’s Car Wash Version)

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